Bike Ride Update 29th April

W.Bro. John Donohue started his ride on 25th April. He disembarked at the port of Bilbao at 10:00 am. Bob drove the 120 mile trip to St Jean Pied de Port where he delivered John at lunch time for the start of his adventure. John reached his first stop on at Roncesvalles, after cycling 24.5 KM by 4:00 pm. He commented that he was sharing the accommodation with some lovely pilgrims from Brazil, South Korea and California. I think you can see from the photo which was his favourite, yes the Girl from Brazil, especially as she was in the next bed from him which was only 12” away. The following day, 26th April, he tackled the gruelling 42 Km ride to Pamplona where they stayed in a Jesuit Monastery dining on Pasta, fish, custard, wine bread and water. On route to the monastery they found a suitable shop for some extra sustenance.

The next morning they met a Mason from Virginia who was travelling with a Latvian friend called Youst. He had watched a Movie called “ The Way “,and this had inspired him to walk the Camino.

Given the weather, constant rain punctuated by Thunder Storms, it was impossible to use the pilgrims path as it had turned into a quagmire, so John had to use the tarmac path. He arrived in Pamplona, bike covered in Mud and squeaking. Luckily he met a Spaniard in a bar who had an oil can in his motor cycle pannier. Having oiled the Bike and themselves, off they went to find their accommodation.

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