Plot Choices

Your production will be uniquely tailored to your requirements, theme and occasion but here are some of our ready-made murders…

Please note that not all plots are available in every format and not all are in production all year round.

“Ms Marbles & the Murder at Polite Manor”© Your guests at the engagement party of a jolly spiffing society couple when the grim reaper makes a dramatic entrance. Help the eccentric Ms Marbles solve the crime at The Lord of the Manor’s stately home, Polite Manor.

“Allo, Allo – Don’t Panic – the Great Nostalgic Wartime Murder Mystery” © It’s 1944; war rages across Europe. Never fear, Dad’s Army is here to say “Allo Alo” so, when we say “Listen very carefully, we shall say ziss only once”, keep calm and DON’T TELL HIM, PIKE! Musical entertainment and mystery plot combined.

“Raiders of the Lost Tomb”©  Set in 1920’s Egypt, with the opportunity to dress up as gangsters, flappers, archaeologists, Egyptians or Mummies. Is it a mummy’s curse or just human nature? Can Interpol decipher the secret hieroglyphics? Can they even spell hieroglyphics?

“Britain’s Got the Murder Factor” ©  Britain may have got the X-Factor but How Do You solve a Problem like Murder?! A nod to all those TV talent shows with a celebrity panel headed up by Simon Scowell and his sidekick Cheryl Troll. It’s not just the songs that get murdered!

“Salty Towers” © Welcome to the craziest hotel in Britain in this parody of 70’s and 80’s TV programmes. The eccentric, bungling staff bumble their way through a night of fun and mayhem. Watch out for low flying insults and some Python-esque silliness!

“Death-Styles of the Rich and Famous”©  Don your glad rags and prepare to be mobbed and snapped by paparazzi on the red carpet because YOU are the rich and famous guests at the launch of a book by celebrity couple “Dosh” and “Pecs” and a battle for celebrity greatness.

“Double-O Heaven : You Only Die Twice” © Murder with a Bond theme, complete with villains, spies, diamonds, a secret dossier and weapons of mass destruction. The rest is top secret. We could tell you but we might have to shoot you!

“The Office Christmas Party Murder Mystery”© This show does what it says on the tin. It’s an office party, a Christmas party, a works do, a murder mystery night and a team building event – all rolled into one.

“Murder Most Festive” © Our most tacky and tinselly murder mystery, with a Christmas theme. It’s time for the glittering Rudolph Awards Ceremony, starring Rudolph the Hard-nosed Reindeer and Fairy Often. It’s oh so cheesy. You have been warned.

“Ms Marbles & the Midwinter Murders Masked Ball” ©  Back to Vintage times in a picturesque village, a masked ball, a stately home and, before main course, someone will have “bought it”! We are gathered at a charity auction where the Earl will sell off the dresses of his three ex-wives. Set in the 1950’s but may be invaded by detectives from more recent times. Our best-loved character, Ms Marbles, appears in her second, highly-acclaimed murder mystery.

“Murder at The Movies” © Here’s looking at you, Sleuth. Whether you go boldly or boldly go, you’ll enjoy this nod to all the best-loved movies. Die laughing as you help Capt Jack and Daft Vader solve the plot. Go ahead punk, make my day and be the king of the world.

“Inspector Cluedo and The Pink Panther” © Our cheerful and colourful 1970’s mystery. What were Madam Peacock and Revd. Emerald up to in the Hall? Is that a spanner by the body in the Billiard Room? Is fie bungling Inspector Cluedo more clever than he makes out? In a word, no.

“The Deadly Sounds of the 80’s”© Lots of school-day fun set in the staff room at Grunge Hill School, invaded by various school-themed characters, music and laughter. If you feel like dressing the part, dig out your leg warmers and New Romantic gear as we go back to the 80’s.

“Thank you for the Murder” © The Abba Murder Mystery…a combination of music and murder in one night. You are VIP guests at the 25th Anniversary of Abba Tribute Act, Abbadabbadoo, live at the Summer Night City night club where Bjorn, Benny, Anna and Frida will entertain you. Hailed as a major success on its sensational opening night in April 2017.

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